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10.31.2012 , 12:45 PM | #237
There are two sides to every coin, and some excellent points made by both sides in this discussion. Also a lot of trolls and QQ, but hey, this is the PvP forum after all.

To the solo queuer:
Unless you're a horrible player and/or no one on your server likes you (hint hint), there is absolutely nothing stopping you from forming or joining your own premade to queue up with. UGLYMRJ said it best: there is strength in numbers. If you solo queue, expect the worst, because that's exactly what you're going to get. 8-man teams comprised of solo queuers are almost certainly: uncoordinated, unskilled, undergeared, and poor team composition. There may be individuals on your team who don't fall into one of those 4, maybe even a couple players. But as a team, you're shooting yourself in the foot before the match even starts.

Even if you can't manage a full 4-man premade, surely there is at least 1 other person you can group with for your next queue. Maybe it's someone you don't really know, but you see him PUGging it all the time too. I'd be willing to bet he'd jump at the chance to not have to solo queue. Putting together a group doesn't have to be a perfectly ideal situation either, such as friends or guildies with Ventrillo. Any time you can stack the odds in your favor by rolling with better players you increase your odds of winning.

To the herpaderps who should be playing ranked:
We all know who you are. Your guild PvPs 24/7 and is geared. Y U NO RANKED? The answer is simple: because you suck. You can't be competitive in ranked matches, so you troll the normal queue. You have multiple groups running. You coordinate pressing the queue button in Vent in the hopes that you can get 6-8 into the same match. Why fail at ranked when you can just blow up PUGs all day, amirite?

Yeah, there really are some ranked teams who are very good and have to do normals because no one will queue up against them. Or maybe they're just waiting for ranked queue pops, or there's not enough guildies online to form a full ranked team. It happens. I'm not talking to you.