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Fielding 2 geared groups of 4 and dropping q until you get a simultaneous pop so you can roll the pug bracket 6-8 strong is pointless, not fun for any normal person whether they're in one of those groups or not and lame. Don't care what justification anybody gives for doing it, I've done it and stomped, I've been destroyed by these and I've eked out wins against with hodgepodges of 2 man premades and puggers. Anyone who continues to q this way on a daily basis is just broadcasting to everyone else that they're frightened of being crushed against an opponent on equal footing in ranked.

If this thread's complaining about 4 man groups, deal with it or look at your ops group and notice that the 4 guys in the frame to the left of you are in the same guild.
On a decently populated server like the Bastion... I find it almost never works. But we attempt it sometimes. We have a fair amount of people that I don't feel are ready for rated WZ's and would rather work on my weekly than go against the top rated guild in our server if I know they're queuing. So I can say we're guilty of it too at times, but with good reason.

Also... we never drop queue until we're paired on the same team. Seems like a waste of time and honestly. I enjoy going against my own guild. We will however wait for the other group to finish the war zone and give it another shot but again... hardly ever works. I'm sure it's a bit easier to pull off on less populated servers though.

But anyways... yeah, IDK about other servers but I find most of the time when we queue at the same time, we more often than not end up in different war zones and when we do end up in the same war zone. We're against each other. It may work 1/10 times where we end up on the same team.

So if you're on the Bastion and you see a marauder marked... that's us playing against each other and I feel sorry for the others in there with us because we usually just gun for each other for bragging rights and ignore objectives completely.