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Aren't you just discounting the probability that General Garza is simply very hands on with the most important operations in the field? Havoc Squad is supposed to be the best unit under her command for story purposes. She commands Special Forces, played a key role in it's founding, it doesn't seem odd for her to be in the middle of things. What else is General Garza going to be doing if not interacting with her top team while it's doing some seriously important missions throughout the game?

Chapter One obviously requires her personal attention. And supposedly a lot of people joined along in that on the wrong side, so one has to wonder how many teams are left anyway. Regardless, you basically prove yourself even more in Chapter One and reaffirm her decision to make you Commander of Havoc.

Chapter Two, consdering it technically would violate the Treaty of Coruscant I think it's fair to say a decent chunk of the Republic government prefers to keep the Treaty intact and not goad the Empire.

Finally, Chapter which I'm rusty on considering I haven't seen it since I leveled up with a friend doing Commando and I personally did it in Beta, meh... at this point again, it's her top team and she's proven herself from the very beginning to be hands on. It's not hard to spare time for a holo call to give out your orders.

Now beyond that, you have a strong female character that Commands the Republic's best, why make this awesome character and give her a lower position just so you don't complain about her interacting with you? Why create another character to play middle man?

In the end my best advise is: Stop working yourself up and enjoy the story. There are some people I know who won't enjoy a good story in a movie and just sit there going "That'd never happen, that'd never work" ... that's no fun to be around. If you want some really bad writing, I recommend Guild Wars 2.
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