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10.31.2012 , 12:02 PM | #233
Is this topic still going?

Having a solo-only queue with a limited player pool discourages what an MMO is about, especially at end level. PvP in this game is designed around team play, and there is nothing wrong with picking 3 out of the 8 people to be on your team. Maybe, just maybe if cross server queueing were available, then some one might justify throwing a bone to those who refuse to join a team.

This isn't an issue like class balance. Fixing it doesn't take 3 weeks to level another toon if your toon's class sucks. It's not a bug like WZ's kicking you to the character select screen. It isn't an issue of WZ's giving one team 6 and the other 8. It's not even an issue of gear fairness ("Omg, that person had WH and I have recruit!"). Pure and simple, this is an issue of players not taking advantage of a tool available to them.

I get it alright? I've had my 1 vs 1 hero moments and loved it. "Wee! I solo'ed a defender and capped the node, pat me on the back and gimme a high five. We only won that cause of me!" Or that voidstar when you ninja cap each door and feel special inside.

But that's like playing Gears of War on easy mode, then declaring yourself the Gears champion! It's setting the bar lower than low.