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10.31.2012 , 11:54 AM | #47
Escape issues? so what are merc arsenals supposed to run away the whole game? This is goona sound like i'm stroking my own ego but her eit is . I belive i'ma good Merc Arsenal , damage in wz's ranges from 300 to 500k most matches with that said if i pull 500k I guarantee you theres other AC's that pull upwards of 600 to 800k on to a mill ...why is that?
1. Aoe that can hit multiple targets for 6 to 8k is def one,(which you guys nerfed tarcer for this very thing on single targets and gave it to another class as an AOE?)
2.Mobility of the class is a huge issue. We can be interupted very easily.(esp Tracer which arsenal is based around)
3.The other is survivability albeit it may be an escape issue as you so put but IMO its the survivabilty of the class, hugging corners wont get you outta roots/stuns/pulls for a heavy armor class we should have more survability not the ability to run away.
But I guess I'll just have to see what you guys have planned.
Good to know you are at least looking into this but for cryn out loud we dont nerfed again so I can hug corners better.
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