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As others have said.........

Single Player WZ's - A collection of random non-grouped single players

Group Player WZ's- Groups of 2 or more queued would be matched up with other groups on teams

Everyone would be happy and both subcultures of pvp would thrive.
Enjoy your 45 minute queue times.

And yes... I meant to describe a group... we are all a group... a population of people that should be working together for an advantage. While the military has many talented soldiers it does not send out individuals alone... they are formed into groups, squads, platoons, because there is strength in numbers.

If people CHOOSE to compete alone they run a higher risk of failing... this applies to many things. I repeat... strength in numbers, especially when it's others you are familiar with.

We ALL have a friends list, an option to join or form a guild, etc. Use it or be the victim of your own narrow mindedness. DO NOT blame the game for not having a solo queue bracket... blame yourself for not forming a group and increasing your chances for success with team work.

EDIT: Now that I think of it... I can't think of ONE game that implements this idea. In EVERY online game I've ever played there is an option to create a group but there is NEVER an option to queue solo with players who are queuing solo ONLY. What in the world makes anyone think it should be in this game and ONLY this game... I have no clue.

Well you just defeated your own point because BY DEFINITION you are now describing a GROUP. Not a random assortment of players entering a queue.
And I really have no clue how this is in reference to anything I said previously. It makes zero sense in this context unless you completely misunderstood everything I said.