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Alright.... I guess I'll have to go into detail.

Solo queuing players who expect to have an easy mode created just for them, instead of grouping up and forming alliances are ruining the game. My comment was tongue in cheek to imply the ridiculousness of complaining about teams in an MMO. The statement itself is completely absurd. It's like going to a concert and complaining about the loud music.

Solo queuing HAS a place in MMO's and it should. But people who solo queue have no place to complain about teams when they have every option available to create one of their own and CHOOSE not to take advantage of it.

Well you just defeated your own point because BY DEFINITION you are now describing a GROUP. Not a random assortment of players entering a queue.

As others have said.........

Single Player WZ's - A collection of random non-grouped single players

Group Player WZ's- Groups of 2 or more queued would be matched up with other groups on teams

Everyone would be happy and both subcultures of pvp would thrive.