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I have mixed feelings about this.

First to get things out of the way, I love Ahsoka. She's turned into quite the little bad *** and she's a good partner for Anakin.

There are 2 ways this could go, and both are equally good to me.

1. She dies. Palpatine has her killed and frames the jedi. Potentially even having Anakin be the one that kills her. I like this scenario a lot because it would further cement Anakin's story line and personality tendencies. This would also be awesome because it would reinforce the idea that this isn't just some kids show. They're already pushing the boundaries quite a bit as of season 4, there is some seriously dark and demented material there. Much much MUCH darker than any of the movies. This would be a major shock and a HUGE cliffhanger to end a season on. It would be great for the show.

2. She doesn't die. She becomes a Knight and is sent off to do some other business during Episode III. Order 66 is executed but she overcomes the clones and escapes into exile. While there she forms a resistance with some of the other exiled jedi and a spin-off show is formed. She would have to struggle with having her previous master and good friend coming to hunt her and her allies. That would make a great plot line for another animated series, lots of potential for character growth. We could also hope to meet Galen Marak and tie in his story since it was so great in the Force Unleashed and helped explain how the rebellion was formed.

So yeah, I'm torn on what I'd like to happen to her.
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