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Dear Austin Peckenpaugh. If you ever actually played the AC in PvP,
(something you clearly have not)
You would know the issue is not just against multiple enemies but a singel "mele" enemy that can shut
down the DPS on this class to easy.ALSO DPS wise gunnery/arsenal is far weaker because of this.
Having a escape is fine but a gunnery commando cant kill enyone with hammershot alone,because a mele/powerteck etc will be on you in a second anyways.
Dear Karsk,

If you have ever worked for Bioware developing PVP content and making adjustments to classes and game mechanics, (something you clearly have not), you would know that Bioware is obviously aware of the issue and is working on addressing it.

The real problem is that Gunnery/Arsenal is a stationary turret spec that needs to be totally revamped for mobility. A viable solution would make Tracer Missle and Grav Round non-channeled and do less damage, but a bigger burst buff to Railshot and their endcap ability. That way they get more burst and keep the same overall damage, while becoming mobile.

The idea is to make these guys mobile instead of stationary. 4m/10m players still have to work on sticking like glue while Gunnery/Arsenal becomes a run'n'gun style of Pyro, without the dots.
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