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10.31.2012 , 09:21 AM | #2
A sprint, like consulars/inquisitors.

A disengage/retreat that could send us flying away to an area we target 20-30 meters away.

Rocketpunch with both the knockback and the root, and make it native to the class, not just the arsenal tree.

Make unload unable to be interrupted, like ravage/master strike.

A speed increase and/or snare removal when you use your knockback. Preferably both.

Reactive shield making all of our abilities unable to be interrupted for the duration.

A talent that would give us the ability to proc a free and instant powershot, similar to the proc-style for a renewed Rail Shot for PTs.

Some sort of missile attack to AoE root/snare targets, or an ability that let's you disengage and roots/snares those who were at your previous position.

Any of these would work, but the Devs will never do any of them, as they make too much sense.
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