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10.31.2012 , 07:41 AM | #4
Had this happen yesterday in Foundry. The Sorc came in as healer but wasn't a healer. He was specc'd as DPS and just forgot to uncheck heal role. It's annoying that the role selection resets all possible roles.

Anyway the tank rage quit after first pull when he got no heals. This wasn't an issue, we q'd to replace the tank, but in the meantime I summoned Kaliyo and we facerolled thru the first boss, all the way to HK. At HK I replaced Kaliyo with Lokin for some extra heals for the adds-(Plus Kaliyo likes to get crushed by the chamber). We killed HK easliy and we even lost Lokin for the last 10 % of the fight when the replacement Tank entered the instance.

My point is, HM FP's are so easy if you are geared that you can easily replace the rage quitter with a (geared)companion and still complete your daily quest.