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Just spent a few hours on the dummies to see how I parsed Wakajinn so low for the opening 12 seconds. I was able to pull it way up though. I played around with the rotations and just tired to get as smooth as I could with it. The reason I think I had it parsed low to begin with was I was basically looking at my damage graph, I would see where I was at during the opening and then just kept going for the 3-5 min. I should have stopped combat immediately for a more accurate parse.

The original OP's advise for the rotation for Wakajinn was
Basically, your rotation goes like this:
Death Field
2x Induction Shock
Exploit Weakness Maul
Saber Strike

Well I changed things just a little bit and I think for the good. I would still open with DF but I would Shock right after with Reck buff. The reason being is my Thrashes only reduce the cost of shock, and during Dark Embrace the cost of abilities is no issue. After I DF and Shock, I usually had a EW proc for Maul, then 2 Thrashes Discharge and Shock again, if my EW procced off my DF It always seemed popped back up after my 2 Thrashes. One other change I made was taking 2 points in Claws of Decay over Fanaticism. Reason being is I found with Wakajinn spec I was using DF situationaly. I found I was not having to use it off CD the way I did with Mad Maul. It was primarily being used to stop caps, runners, and if I saw some huddled opponents. I always seem to have enough force when I want to use DF.

With Reck buff I was hitting 2k-2.2k for around 25k-27k damage in that first 8 globals. During one Recklessness parse both my Mauls crit as did my second shock resulting in 2378dps and 31k damage. That was awesome to see.

When I parsed without Recklessness I was only hitting 15k-17k but still getting 20k damage down in that 12 seconds. Still plenty of damage to kill people. Recklessness is also only on a 90 sec cd, definitely a short enough cd to have this buff for the majority of your openers.

I could not match the opening burst with the Mad Maul spec. Oh lord did I try. Even with Recklessness I was still consistently opening for 1.9k-2k damage and one time I barely broke 2.1k. Without Reck buff I was managing 17k-18k so it seems that this spec is a little less reliant on Reck for its burst, but it definitely helps.