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10.30.2012 , 11:30 PM | #1
I'd like to hear ideas on utility abilities. Mercs already have plenty of damage skills. We could debate all day on buffing/nerfing specific damage causing abilities. I think that new or improved abilities for utility are more important. BH is a class just asking for gadgets and dirty tricks.

Damage numbers aside what would be some good abilities to make mercs more useful and more importantly more survivable.

I've seen threads for improved jetpacks. Ones for getting knockback to rocket punch back. Do mercs need improvements to slowing abilities or perhaps a good rooting ability? What are people most interested in seeing?

I think mercs would greatly benefit from a speed boost of some kind. And a knockdown ability perhaps a headbutt (helmet strike) or expanded shoulder slam that is usable against anything.

Mercs need to be harder to kill. There would be a corresponding decrease to dps output of course while trying to avoid damage and get away from melee range. I don't want to debate dps stuff at the moment so please leave that for another thread.

Also should these utility abilities use heat?