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10.30.2012 , 11:16 PM | #109
I'm a subscriber at the moment and have no plans to cancel but a lot of my friends have quit playing swtor now and I was hoping to get them back on the game when it goes F2P.
I think most of the prices in the cartel market are reasonable when compared to other F2P games.
That said some of the things you are trying to sell are MAD and all can say is that I hope you where high when you come up with some of them.

1. Quickbars. Really come on guys this is a basic game and UI function most people will not buy this they will just be p****d off and quit you may as well be trying to sell things like the map or players health bar its MAD.
What makes this worse is that returning players will have to drop 500 CC per character or 1080 CC to unlock 2 additional quickbars for the account just to get the bars back that they had when they quit playing that's not to mention the fact that players have been asking for more quickbars for some time now.

2. Bank. Players need a bank i'm not saying that F2P players should get a full bank tab of 80 slots but you need to give them some bank room like say 40 slots for free then thay can buy more if they want or again people will just quit and go play one of the other hundreds of F2P games out there.

3.Credit Cap. again you need to remove or dramatically increase the credit cap on F2P players i know some people out there will say that free players should have a cap on there money to stop gold sellers, RMT or whatever you want to call them.
But and this is a good thing for Bioware and other players most of the items in the cartel market can be sold in the GTN so players that don't like doing daily quest or who have had bad luck getting the items they want from the cartel packs can then buy or sell items they have duplicates of.
So players like me who hate doin daily quest can buy say a weekly warzone pass place that on the GTN and we all win Bioware gets there money i get my credits and tom gets to play his warzones for the week and doesn't feel like he needs to shell out real money every 10 minutes to play the game just like the plex thing they do in EVE.

One more thing where's the Tauntaun mount