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Marauders fight viscously but it always end the same ..
Bang, Bang .................... opponent drops


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Tanks, well for pvp mostly are not desirable. They can be excellent for hutball but not so much for the other dps zones.
Really!?! If you have a healer (which you should) Tanks are a must to bring to the field. My hybrid BM Jugg pulls 300k protection, and if I choose to spec rage in tank form (only with good healers) I'am now am covering 2 roles Dps and Tank. A match last week it made all the diffrance. I had thrown up 540k dps with 389k protection, the other rage spec jugg got 840k dps but my team won because are healers never died. A jugg can negate 70%-100% damage to there healer in 2-3 moves guard 50%, taunt 30%, intercede 20%.

Tanks are only as good as there team, a tank can change the result of a battle ... Having one can mean the diffrance between a W or L.