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10.30.2012 , 07:20 PM | #3
Yeah, Taral V is notorious for this. A lot of players just want to skip the early trash and have finely calibrated pathing to avoid pulling aggro. But then somebody accidentally steps a pixel out of place (because there really isn't much room for error on T5) and a mob is pulled and they get slaughtered because the group is all spread out and can't react in time - or won't because they blame the person who accidentally pulled.

Then the player(s) that died have to re-navigate the trash skipping path alone. They get it a bit wrong, and die again. Suddenly the group is scattered all over the place, with some back at the beginning, some waiting ahead at the next boss and everybody annoyed and frustrated. It's here you often get rage quits.

For my part, I would prefer that people just chill out a little, and maybe play less of the trash skipping game. We've all done accidental pulls, and showing some patience and understanding goes a long way. But the fact is that a lot of players have no consideration for others and will just rage quit. Nothing you can do about it, just requeue and go on (and maybe add them to your ignore list).