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Because sometimes you'll be in a situation where the snipers are lounging in green goo and the marauders are on fire, so your healer needs another GCD or two to catch up and save you.
I want this on a t-shirt. :-) Best thing I've ever read on these forums.

To the rest of your post, I agree whole-heartedly. Taking a quick scan through my spreadsheet, the only ability that hits me for more than 10k is Scream in HM TFB (hits for 13.3k). Scream happens to the same tank once every 70 seconds, so a repeat is not a big deal. Also, the tank swap happens at that point, so the healer really has a full 35 seconds to patch me up. Overall, we can discount it.

The other abilities that hit hard are as follows:
  • 7.5k Backhand Smash (HM Toth & Zorn) – Has an extremely low swing-timer, really only hitting once every other minute. Non-issue.
  • 10k Rail Shot (HM Kephess) – Hits once every two seconds, but only if I'm seriously derping. Solution: let me die.
  • 10k Empowered Slash (HM Kephess) – Hits each tank once every 45 seconds. Tank swap immediately follows with a 22 second lull prior to next damage taken. Non-issue.
  • 10k Rocket Blast (HM Kephess) – Hits once every 7 seconds. No other damage is going out. Solution: stun the bombardier (alternate: just heal through it).
  • 13k Gore with debuff (Nightmare Pilgrim) – Has the potential to hit once every 5 seconds. Lots of damage going out. Solution: tank swap. Additional solution: interrupt.
  • 17.5k Gore with bloodmark (Nightmare Pilgrim) – Same deal as before. Newsflash: if you don't tank swap on bloodmark, you're doing it WRONG.
  • 9.5k Fragment (HM Operator IX) – Hits frequently and hits everyone (not just the tanks). Sucks HARD. Solution: cry.

Nothing else (on current content) is going to hit for an appreciably high amount. Of this entire list, the only one that isn't avoidable by Not Being Stupid™ is Fragment, which is the main ability used by the Rectifier on HM Operator IX. There's really no way to deal with this other than ensure that EVERYTHING else is dead when a Rectifier is out so that your healers can concentrate and burst really hard. Ideally, you will only get a single Rectifier during the fight, so it only sucks for a little while.

Overall, I would say that even a 20k health pool is more than sufficient to meet the "can take a big hit and then a couple more" criterion.
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