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Hello everyone. I wanted to step in and let everyone know that Patch 1.4.3 came with a fix for this issue! The patch note reads as follows:

"An issue that could cause players to fail to receive daily rewards has been corrected. Previously, players were not considered queued random when the groupís leader had active lockouts, even if the group was queued for random content."

Your reports and additional information in this thread helped us while we were ensuring resolution. Thanks again!
Hey Amber,

Forward our thanks to the development team. However, there must still be something else going on here! Note that in most of the cases people are complaining about, it isn't the entire group that misses the comms, only a few people in the group! Often half gets it, half doesn't. The whole group has the same leader, so the fix you explained doesn't make sense for this situation.

Hopefully the fix will resolve the problem anyways, but I think there is still something left to address.