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Where to even start.

1 knockback, okay. Too bad it's not that helpful if you're already snared, plus you'll just get leapt back to in most cases. Rage spec juggs/maras have two leaps. Every class has a way to nullify the knockback.

High ranged DPS? Sorry, but that's not utility, I think you're confused. Every class can do high DPS. The difference is, every other class can still do that DPS under pressure unlike mercs/commandos.

Ability to take off dots? Only tech unless spec'd for it. Pretty much useless.

CC's? You mean a stun, which every other class has, or the mezz, with a cast time and a 1 minute cooldown, that breaks on damage? Or the root, which only one spec has, which only works in melee range?

Notsureifserious. Do you even PvP, or are you willfully ignorant as to how easy it is to nullify/shut down Mercs/Commandos? The class offers nothing that the other ones don't, and the other classes can do their jobs better.
he plays a powertech, what'd you expect?

compare merc to any other class and you will see a massive disparity as far as utility is concerned
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