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I'm a healer, so I tend to gauge tanks on a "how long can I ignore this fellow and have him survive" metric. However, I think that rather than looking at effective HP, what you should be looking at is the largest effective hit that you're likely to take. That's a much more useful metric than looking at averages which don't take into account spikes of damage.

If the largest hit you take is effectively 15k, it doesn't matter if the boss swiped you for 23k. You took a 15k hit, and you're not going to survive another one. As a healer, I've got to pay attention to you immediately.

If the average hit you take is effectively 6k (and again it doesn't matter if the boss swiped you for 10k or whatever), then you can take perhaps 2-4 more hits before you're dead. As a healer, I've got to give you priority, but it's unlikely you're going to immediately die on me. I have a few GCDs to fix you up.

That being said, the first scenario is the more important one. You want enough mitigation to make that hit as small as possible, and then you want enough health to survive more than one hit. That's the balance you want to achieve.

Because sometimes you'll be in a situation where the snipers are lounging in green goo and the marauders are on fire, so your healer needs another GCD or two to catch up and save you.