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Mind you, I'm only nearly through Nar Shaddaa with Kira--maybe things change?
Not really. I always took some of her responses as being a bit flirty as well.

However, you can never flirt back so Kira will just think that you're not interested and will go on 4vr HEARTBROKEN!!!

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To that end: I think Kira, as far as I've gotten to know her to this point, is practically romanceable as a same-gender arc. Since the game does not "have" such a thing, I assume that somewhere down the line, a few companion dialogues differ from if I'd played a male Knight, right?
The difference with a male is that you can actually flirt with her. If you don't, her dialog would be the same as with a female.

As for other companions, people get the same flirty vibe from Kaliyo (Imp Agent).

As for which companions would fit, I could see any of them.