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10.30.2012 , 01:23 PM | #4
well, he's not entirely wrong, I'm afraid. the warzones got .noticably. worse about 2/2 1/2 weeks ago... all of a sudden it was very very painful to get your weekly done. before that, I was usually done by thursday, friday if it was a 'bad day'. last week I had a total of 2 wins on saturday and was only able to finish my daily at all because I a) did the 24-hours-gaming for extra-life, and b) ended up with 'pugs' full of people I've known for a while.

not only that, apparently the trolls have taken over the republic now and it's very discouraging to get yelled at and have people tell you that you 'suck so bad' even when you won.

(not forgetting to mention the good imp guilds not doing ranked but sending their 'a-teams' into normal warzones instead, when the republic is full of fresh 50s that sometimes don't even wear recruit gear but green lvl 47)

and I'm saying this as the scrub that I am. *throws sparkles*

I doubt it's really just 'the fatman people' either, though. after all quite a few of the good imps are from the fatman and I know a few of the former fatman folks from back when they were still on the twin spears.

personally, I just think it's several things combined. returner who aren't 'up to date', faction switcher who are now mad the reps can't carry them either, reroller, trolls and in turn good player being turned off by their attitude...