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I had one the other day. A tank in ok in mild gear rushes into 7 mobs. Me (healer) and the 2 dps (1 afk ) were not aware of him attacking. Me trying to cc one and heal. Tank dies so me and the DPS kill them. Tank rezzed and wants to ask "what happended". I dont who you are I will be truth full so I told him you rushed 7 mobs. We start to move on to next group and he sitting their doing nothing. As soon as he catches up to us is states " I see how it is you wont heal me after a rez". I am like what you have a nice little button that heals you use it. He starts to rant in chat like if we dont do as he says he will leave. I tell him bye bye and he exist like a cry baby.

I dont who you are, or what class you play. Unless you are in gear to take on 7+ mobs on your own dont rush in with out saying anything. I am getting tired of people playing tanks in tioneese trying to tank Lost island or Koan. They die and want to blame the healer or DPS not killing fast enough. Otherwise wait for a CC or inform the group of a attack.
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