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Apologies if a thread like this already exists--I couldn't find one in search due to a mountain of discussions about "when" sgr comes to swtor.

Anyways. The darndest thing happened this weekend whilst I was enjoying some Hurricane-sponsored vacation time. I started new toon--my first Jedi Knight--and a few cheery hours later, I began to feel like there was something about my new companion, Kira.

She says these cute sort of things, you see--"Don't take this the wrong way," she says, "but I've never been so happy to see someone in my whole life!" Or, when I give her something nice, she jokes something along the lines of "you *do* like me after all!" Or that time when I meant to give her a luxury item, honestly, but they have the same picture as the courting items...and she ...well, she rather enthusiastically thanked me, as a little +24 floated up the screen.

You know, she seems to say all those little lines that people say when they want to try out the sound of telling someone that they like them, but want to phrase it off-hand so that it can be laughed off easily without taking too much of a risk. She seems me.

Only trick is, I decided that for once, I'd roll a female toon. Kira doesn't seem to mind receiving courting gifts from her, and her dialogue seems to keep bordering around flirting. I mean, I hadn't intended to go a romance route, but it struck me rather interestingly to notice this happening. With most other toons, accidentally giving a courting item to a same-gender has resulted in things like "what am I supposed to do with this?" or "Uh, no thanks." Mind you, I'm only nearly through Nar Shaddaa with Kira--maybe things change? But what I'd figured would be some kind of "sisterly" thing has turned out to sound like the start of something else...

To that end: I think Kira, as far as I've gotten to know her to this point, is practically romanceable as a same-gender arc. Since the game does not "have" such a thing, I assume that somewhere down the line, a few companion dialogues differ from if I'd played a male Knight, right? But really, it seems like with the flip of a switch, Kira could be convincing either way.

So, community---what do you think? Am I missing something through not having seen much of her yet? Are there other companions who could possibly work this way? I don't mean to ask "which companions should be gay/lesbian because you'd like them to be"--I think there's already forum topics for that.

More precisely, are there storylines that you guys think could work, romantically, almost as-is?

In other words, if a checkbox appeared in prefs to say "Allow same-gender romance" and all that it did was flipped the last couple quests in a companion's arc to include what would otherwise have been the opposite-gender romance, which companions would it work for? Any?
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