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10.30.2012 , 12:19 PM | #1
FIXED 20 Sec lockout!!
2.2.1 Patch Notes
Players who use /stuck in a Warzone while in combat will have a 20 second delay before they are able to release to a Medcenter.

Old Thread--
Just curious how the community felt. Personally I think you have to do it now to be competitive because everyone does it.

** If you get stuck often please describe it **

I don't think this was intentional. You fixed the /stuck killing you automatically for a quick re-spawn (really good) but the /stuck when you are in fight will do the same now.. Leaves a lot of room for exploiting.

Mentioned Solutions:
  • Lock out timer on re-spawn from death (before you can click re-spawn 20-30 sec) - Top Favored
  • Remove /stuck (few people don't want this but I was unable to reproduce how they got stuck)
  • At least mention this is not acceptable or intended
  • Increase cool down to be allowed 1 time per match. (still leaves room for some exploiting)
  • Let us know if we can start using it

I have been stuck maybe 1 time in the last 5 months in a pvp match.