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10.30.2012 , 11:37 AM | #123
So, BW, are you trying to make money out of a subscription model, or a F2P model? I think you should decide...

Since your current 'F2P' model is just giving people a very restricted trial, that will absolutely keep them from subbing (and therfore will not likely increase the amount of subscribers). It seems to me that you are trying to get people to sub via F2P model, which makes no sense at the moment.

Because, what is the incentive for the F2P player to sub after spending a lot of money on the F2P features (that subscribers get for free, making those purchases wasted)? And if you think someone is actually going to go all the way up to lvl50 without paying a cent, you are greatly overestimating the story quality of this game. Yes, it's top notch MMO Story, but with all the limitations, it is horrible.

And to the current subscribers who think they are so special. Sure, current subscribers need CCs for supporting the game when it was Subscription driven, but now it should be F2P driven (tho it's not, which is why it will fail). You are paying BW about 15 bucks a month...That's cheap. Shouldn't a F2P player who spends more than that a month be more special than you then? You only bring them 15 $ a month, F2P players could and would (if the model was truly aimed towards F2P) pay more. An average WoT player has spent hundreds of dollars on the game. Many players have spent thousands.

It all comes down to how BW is trying to get money out of us, and this current F2P + sub model doesn't really feel that it has a clear goal towards either of those. Unless you are trying to get the current subscribers to pay for some F2P extra features, ('cool things', like carbonize yourself...what the F...), that would be really short sighted, and strengthen the idea that you are just trying to milk every cent you can out of this failure and walk away.

PS: I've been playing on/off since early access, with at least 6 months of subscription total. I love the game, and would like to see it succeed after all it has gone through, but every patch, every decision BW makes, just seems to fail. Don't **** this up.