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Revan was never meant to be Jedi Jesus. He was a powerful Jedi who did unique things; he was also imperfect and in possession of flaws and weaknesses.

Heee. Gotta admit I lol'd at that.

All my mains are Imperial, and I love love love The Foundry. Personally, I delight in "defeating" his pompous, crazy @ss. You do realize he was about to commit genocide, right? Throughout the FP, you get to pick conversation options basically saying "some Jedi YOU are." I pick them every time.

Revan was a great character but his time is over. And he is clearly, clearly insane at the time of SWTOR. Since people think of themselves as "Revan" because they played as him (or her), there is no end to the story that will satisfy KOTOR players. I question the decision of Bioware to even bring him into this game. He may have been better relegated to holocron or force-ghost land.

But, it is what it is. Since the barn door was left open by Bioware and he was included in the game, however peripherally, I just don't think it's possible to make anyone happy in regards to his fate.

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