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10.30.2012 , 10:50 AM | #1
One mistake and runÖ Everyone needs to calm down. This is a game, deaths do not take 10 years off your life or condemn your 1st born to a 2nd tier college.

Went on a HMFP yesterday. Got Taral V was thinking cool, fast easy BH Comms. Tank hops on speeder and off we go. Get to bridge and the DPS in front of me somehow aggro NPC on bridge. Somehow then everything got aggroed and instead of helping tank just cussed as he/she watched us die. Then he cussed some and left the group. Seriously this is Taral VÖI can get a group through this without a tank. This is easy comms. One inadvertent pull means nothing and if you lack the patience to deal with it, what are you doing playing a social game. I apologize to the community because I got a little jerky and whispered bye, bye to him and we finished the instance without the moody tank and without another death. As far as I could tell the DPS did not mess up, he was follow the same line me and everyone else uses to bypass that trash. The only mess up there was the tank, that could have wait 2 sec for me use a CC and then DPS could have taken a safer route by the bridge or he could have pulled once the DPS accidentally pulled instead of cussing us and watching us die.

If you are going to quit at the first sign of trouble or because someone accidentally messes up or inadvertently draws aggro, donít bother doing random groups, I donít understand why you even bother playing a social game because you lack any social abilities.

I heal, I have been in plenty of groups that I would have loved to quit or kick people out of, but once I get in a group I will get that group through that instance if at all possible. Even if I have to do it without a tank. If the tank is reading this, we finished most likely before you even got back in an instance. It was Taral V after all. My sawbones could most likely solo it, but I guess it is too difficult for some.