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10.30.2012 , 10:39 AM | #6
In terms of dps sentinels and vanguards are typically the most popular pvp classes. At the moment also dps guardians as the FOTM. But it all depends mostly on skill, so you can find shadows and sages that do as much damage as the best sents and vans and due to their unique all-around skills they are good to have. Good dps scoundrels could also be of use, but I wouldn't like many in a team. DPS Commandos good before 50 but wouldn't like a single one at 50, unless they are healers.

In terms of healing, all healer classes are good and they work in different ways, sometimes complimentary.

Tanks, well for pvp mostly are not desirable. They can be excellent for hutball but not so much for the other dps zones.