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10.30.2012 , 10:24 AM | #1
I have played since Early Release and have had maybe 4 crashes to desktop since then, up until patch 1.4 came out! Now I am crashing to desktop EVERY 2 HOURS!!! I have read the forums and seen how many others are having the same problem!
Now another patch today and still no fix or word!? I have done a Clean Boot and also played game in Administrator mode as well as using the Fix Patcher button. Nothing helps!
Please give us some word that you are looking at this! Everyone is saying it is a memory leak and I checked my taskmanager and it seems to climb steadly till the game crashes. The crashes take place mostly when I am loading a new screen/area or loading into an alt of mine, but also when moving inventory/bank items or crafting/space and even just standing around! This is really RUINING THE GAME FOR ME!


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