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Umm the first part of your arguement...ok you said no.

The second part completely different from your opening statement. By the time i was done all i could say was W.....T.....F???

Why start out with the whole Iconic republic SF then switch to the sith troopers like that has ANYTHING to do with the story and the half-a**ed chain of command they hand us.

The story overall, is actually a good story. There were just so many gaps and holes in the story that it just made me scratch my head and wonder who wrote it. Yes i get the point that it's SW. But there are simple principals that even STAR WARS in the OT followed. Hell in ROTJ during the briefing for the Death Star, you see Generals, squadron leaders, staffers etc. Hell read the Rogue Squadron book "Solo Command". Han Solo doesn't command and run Mon Remoda by himself. He has a COMMAND STAFF.

Again, story got it about 66% right IMO, they just missed out on key things that make ANY military [fantasy or not] a military. Has nothing to do with making it a carbon copy of RL forces, it's how armies function, plain and simple.

Again skipping over simple principles and calling it fantasy/syfy just to cover up BAD WRITING.
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