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This is probably the most "serious" chapter of them all, the rest will be humorous.

Chapter 2

Pierce blasted another Esh-kha through the head and reloaded as another squad of the aliens charged at him with electrostaffs and rifles. He cut down three with a hail of bolts, and then bashed one in the head.
There’s my live one.
Pierce blasted the final one in the chest. Satisfied, he put stun cuffs on his prisoner and loaded it aboard his rented speeder. Time to get back to Dromund Kaas.

Halfway to the first Imperial waypost, Pierce’s speeder was toppled. Pierce managed to jump free, but to his anger it landed on the Esh-kha, killing it.
In an instant, Pierce was on his feet, rifle in hand. A team of Mandalorian shock troopers landed and fired at Pierce. He took one out with a bolt to the throat.
The others threw down their rifles and whipped out vibroswords or raised their fists. Pierce grinned and threw off his helmet, letting them see his face. Then he charged in. He clobbered one in the back of his head, then whirled and jabbed another in the throat with his fingers.
One wrapped his legs around Pierce’s, and the lieutenant fell to the ground. The Mandalorian leapt atop him and prepared to kill him with his vibroknife, but Pierce ejected his gauntlet’s vibroblade and stabbed upward into the Mando’s chin.
Eight more Mandalorians landed, and Pierce noted that one was wearing the armor of a Republic soldier. He grinned and charged in. He clobbered three of the supercommandos, and killed a fourth by snapping his neck. Then he whipped out his pistol and blasted all but two.
The last two charged together. One was apparently the leader, and the other was the female with the Republic armor. Pierce engaged the leader first, exchanging rapid punches and jabs.
Then the female jumped on his back. Pierce roared, flipped her off his back, and stabbed her in the gut.
The leader let loose a tortured howl.

Chernan saw the blade stab Dinua, and he roared in anger. Then he threw off his helmet and slammed into Pierce. He punched him in the face, and then kneed him between the legs. Gasping, Pierce sent a fist at Chernan’s throat. Chernan dodged and the fist bounced off his shoulder.
Chernan gave a rapid one-two combination of punches, blackening Pierce’s eyes and breaking his nose. The lieutenant fell to his knees and raised his arms to ward off any more blows, but Chernan punched him again, for Dinua.
Again. Again.

Methic sensed Pierce’s pain. Surprised, he jumped up from the couch. He and Vette were back aboard their ship, and they had been watching a holovids when he had felt the sensation.
Vette frowned and followed Methic as he ran to the cockpit.
“What’s wrong?” she asked.
“I’m sorry, Vette,” he said. “It seems we’ve had less and less time alone since our marriage. But Pierce is hurt. Badly.”
Methic reached out with the Force. He sensed Pierce somewhere familiar.

Chernan left Pierce where he was, picked up Dinua, and ran to his ship. Patching her up quickly, he examined her life signs with fear and anger.
Clenching his fists, he hoped his pummeling had killed the lieutenant. The man had stabbed Dinua. His Dinua.
He deserved worse than death for that.