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THIS is what you guys work on all day? Not fixing bugs? Not REDUCING LAG? Just adding pretty colors to grass? Seriously; you should be fired, dude. I don't care one bit that my grass is shiny when the sun's out, I do care that I don't lag to high heaven when the sun's out....


I don't want pretty grass that doesn't increase lag... I want whatever you have to do to REDUCE it. Get your act together.

Fire VanGogh and hire a real game designer please.
^^ I agree. At the very least this patch did fix a couple of issues that I was aware of. But why did those issues move to the top of the fix list? Drunkard's Vote Cantina on Coruscant still doesn't work when you need to speak to a companion (this has been reported after every single patch since launch). Our taxis still flicker like mad ever since you broke it a couple patches ago. The scenery in game is beautiful, but because of lag, latency and other issues I can't ever set my settings above extremely low, low or off. So making pretty grass that I won't see due is at the bottom of my priority list. Why not make the game FUNCTIONAL so we can use some of the higher graphics settings.

For all you haters that will point to all the various posts and articles about tweaks to make my game run faster, I have read them all and have implemented all of them that apply to my machine and OS. It works great if I don't need to see pretty grass. My machine is not the problem I am talking about. My rant here is about all of the bugs that have gone unresolved since launch, and all of the bugs that have been introduced because BW decided it is more important to bring in new content versus fixing the old. FIX IT FIRST, then give us pretty shiny new content.
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