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10.30.2012 , 07:33 AM | #2
i have the same issues since 1.4 patch. i did not reinstall windows. but i did reinstall star wars to no avail. i called them and talked to a rep. she had me make 3 files and send them to her. she told me to get a hold of HP. which makes no sense to me seeing as i have no problems with any other games i play. i agree its a problem on their end and denying the fact and blaming it on my pcs maker is just lame. they were no help not even an explanation of what the problem is. just the like weekly black hole quest bugging out on me when i completed all the requirements for the commendations that still hasnt been awarded since the 23rd. is this an example of what the game is gonna be like when it turns free to play? im sorry but if they are trying to keep the game afloat in hopes of salvaging it and all the money they spent on making and keeping it going is gonna be lost. because nobody is gonna wanna pay for a game or play for free if they cant even fixed minor issues.