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Sabrina then head of to, the old ruins. She was escorted, by two mandalorians. It did not take long, for them to get their. She then sat down, and download the starmaps infomation. This took awhile, but once finished. she had all the need, to follow the reviers. She then located, an abonded republic shuttle. Then summoned her agent, she instructed him. To rig the nav computer, to send the shuttle to this postion in space. He complied, then the shuttle was moved. To a postion near the refuges, sabrina then waited in the cargo hold. For the refuges to take, the bait and flee. The agent then head back to the fury, and lifted off. He transmitted the hyperspace postion, to darth vergas and waited for sabrina signal.
That night the refuge`s found the shuttle, and seized their chance. Took of, and punched in some quadinates for coursant. To their supprise they where, no where near their. Sabrina mean while was usig force conceal, so no one new she was here.