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10.30.2012 , 06:04 AM | #14
I defeated him yesterday at the first attempt.
I write this message because I'm astonished, and I would know what happened
I read some tactic suggestions from this thread (interruptions, the use of columns, the clones etc.). I updated T7 nicely. And I thought to be ready.
Dromund Kaas, the temple and the bunker were easy, no hard mob, on the contrary... Just some difficulties with imperial guard master: corelia was harder, for me.
But this last fight was dreadful. Every my abilities was blocked. No master strike, no dispatch (I'm sentinel), no possibilities to do rotation, just strike and slash, force leap and force sweep. I was surrounded by the clones (I think they were 5 or six, but i'm not sure) and hit by their lightnings, T7 dead and I was already thinking about the medical probe. Well, in the end I tried everything, (rakata relic, guarded by the force + medical supplies), but I saw the situation as hopeless.
And in few seconds the clones disappeared, the Emp beaten and I won, with the minimum of healt, but alive and winner, and I don't know why...
And the worst is that when I tried also Force camouflage (escape at the last second...) my alt disappeared, I think for a bug. After the last conversation, my alt was still invisible. I tried to log off/log in, and I reapeared near the shuttle.
I can say that I'm not satisfied of this fight. And I think I can't try it again, right?
I hoped for a better final battle...
Problaby I was not lucky