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You go Quinn!
All I have to say is...

CHRONICLES PRESENT, 49: In which Quinn is offered a promotion

Time period: During Master Rho's campaign

The call for Quinn was routed through the private holo in his quarters.

He blinked and bowed when Servants One and Two came up. "My lords." Then he stiffened, realizing what might prompt them to call him. "Is Nalenne all right?"

"Sullen and uncooperative as ever," reported Servant One.

"But the Wrath is no longer important," asserted Servant Two.

"That's actually the question," Servant One reminded him. "General Quinn, we have observed your operations. As you know, the Jedi Master Rho is increasingly becoming a menace to our Emperor."

"And a thorn in all our sides, my lord. What of it?"

"The Wrath must be competent," said Servant Two. "The Wrath must serve."

"She won't listen to me," Quinn said, "you know that."

"We did not intend to ask you to speak to Nalenne," said Servant One. He paused dramatically.

"The general will…accept a promotion?" quavered Servant Two.

There was a very long, very quiet moment.

"Please?" added Servant Two.

"Hold on, my lords, I am assigning priority to the objections. First of all I should verify. You are suggesting promoting me to the Emperor's Wrath."

"Yes," said Servant One.

"Second of all. The Wrath is traditionally expected to be Sith."

"That's not actually in the policy manual," said Servant One. "It was just sort of assumed."

"The general outshines most Sith," announced Servant Two. "We believe in him."

"Third. The last time you attempted to replace Nalenne you tried to have her killed. You may recall that there was and is nothing in the galaxy you could possibly have offered me, or offer me now, that would turn me against her?"

"The general is too good for the current Wrath," said Servant Two.

Servant One made a face. "We thought that in light of the sheer quantity of abuse she has heaped on you, you might be willing to reconsider."

"Think again. Even if she doesn't want me I'll have nothing to do with removing her."

Servant One scowled. "That kind of blind loyalty would be useful to us, as would your work ethic, and overall competence. You don't have to harm her; she can go about her irrelevant way. Will you take the job?"

"I already have a job. That was my fourth point."

"Captain Rutau could step up easily. You could even call on them for support in your operations. You are needed more as the Wrath."

"Fifth, I'm not even wrathful. That's Nalenne's role. I just carry out my duty."

"Oh. Very well," said Servant One. "If you want to continue playing with that incompetent batch of suicides while your failure of a wife bumbles around making a mockery of the Empire…"

Quinn's eyes sparked blue. "Those men are the finest soldiers I have ever served with. They're brilliant, dedicated, fearless, utterly loyal, and they deserve far more credit than any of you absentee 'supervisors' give them. Furthermore Nalenne even in her undirected state accomplishes greater exploits than any other Sith you'll ever meet, you…you treacherous hacks."

"The general is sufficiently wrathful," Servant Two said smugly.

Quinn started and looked annoyed. "Only when I'm being harassed."

"Harassment can be provided," Servant One said dryly. "The Empire needs you. Desperately."

"The general would get a larger salary for doing exactly what he's been doing," intoned Servant Two.

Quinn considered for a moment longer. Finally he said "I'll coordinate with Captain Rutau. This won't compromise existing operations."

"That's why we called you," said Servant One.
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