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10.30.2012 , 05:13 AM | #7
There is a guild out there promoting WPvP and actual guild activities not involving some instance or another. To claim TOR was starving for both of these things would be understatement. What is the response of like, half of the community to this? Littering thread with Huttburt " Waaa wpvp isnt faaaaair " "caaaare?!?!" " aaanyone can doo eeet" BS since they saw a video that wasn't some 2 vs 2 duel@ dawn in some depressing instanced pvp cage.

Significant portion of TOR players have no clue what makes an MMO fun, lively or entertaining. Less BW reads these foorums and feedback, the better.

World PvP doesn't have to be about fairness or balance or waah waah. It is about unleashing hell and havin a blast.