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Although I do agree with the statement that Reps win more warzones, I must say that I have 3 level 50 on the Imperial side and I do finish my weekly on all of them, every single week, and it doesn't take the full week to do it.

I believe Reps are more organized, more solidary with each other, not so arrogant in the way they play, and that is a characteristic that comes from all of the "light side" influence. On the other hand, Imps are more selfish and more "chuck norris" becouse of the "dark side" influence. Yes, I believe it goes a little psicological in that matter.

Nevertheless, I also have reps chars and although they aren't level 50, I do warzones with them and I do not agree on more noobs on one side then the other, even yesterday I had a voidstar in the Rep side and it was one of the noobest warzones achievements I saw (Like having all the advantage and losing the 3 turrets becouse they were fighting underground, below the middle turret, with a few imps. Amazing.).

So... let's just keep growing in aware that imperials need to leave the entire "Darth Maul kill all" thing, specially in pug groups, but also when they think they are very good and do bad strategic choises based on the concept that "I can deal with anything" or "I will concentrate my heals on my guildmate, we are awesome", and start to see the entire team as they are, a team, and instead of killing without helping to kill, start to kill and heal the people that are already engaged in a fight. I see a lot of that in the Rep side, not so much on the Imp side.

My 2 cents.
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