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10.30.2012 , 04:27 AM | #65
This game is not rock paper scissors. Dont mean to sound cocky but very few if any juggs, sorcs, mercs, snipers, operatives are going to kill me 1 v 1 with everyone having all cooldowns on this server. However good sins and maras will (not talking about noobs, im talking about people who play the class correctly and I have tested this theory out). Against the best players regardless of spec a pt cannot beat a good anni mara 1 v 1 (unless they do something stupid; carnage and rage are beatable) and the same goes for sin (regardless of spec). The point is I have other toons too and Sin and Mara are the counter to them too and pretty much every class. Those 2 classes are OP @ 1 v 1 and that is one of the main things people are rated on for being a good player. In any case, just cause you own 1 v 1 as a mara or a sin doesnt make you good. just makes you normal....further if you die to me 1 v 1 and ur a sin/mara it means ur ****...just putting it out there.