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These type of videos are always ruined by all the annoying floating names. But I wish this was the only kind of PvP in the game, warzones or battlegrounds always ruin pvp in these kinds of games, because world PvP is usually so much more fun but people almost never do it becuase doing warzones is more convenient.
Not to mention World PvP has no reward system. So people will generally funnel into the warzones for the sheer fact its the only way to get gear.

You attacked a spaceport, good for you. But did you need to post on the forums a video of you doing it? Seems like someone needs the verification of others to feel proud of doing something. I do similar things and don't create new threads and post videos because

1.) Its not that hard to do
2.) No one really cares
3.) Other people do the same thing equally if not better.

Now I wouldn't mind seeing a video of you taking down 5 enemies solo in gear equal to yours. So go do that
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