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10.30.2012 , 12:53 AM | #30
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But when your guild leader starts accusing us rerollers of causing the declining populations on MDN, i felt compelled to note that last night the Republic rerollers tried to get some PVP going on MDN, and your guild left them sitting in an empty voidstar as a result. Then everyone went back to Bastion.

Simply put. Don't point fingers while your hand is in the jar (if you know that saying).
I said it was doing damage to the population even further, not causing it. And once again, let me say that was the first night we had ever done NC vs NC matches. Ever. You either aren't reading what I'm posting at all or you're so blinded by anger that you are just flat out refusing to take it in. Either way I don't think the subject of our PvP needs any more discussion.