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My accusations stem from your accusation that we are the reason for Master D's current state.

SImple Reasoning: You que dodge us, because you only VS your own guild. Why would anyone else outside your guild bother queing for ranked PVP on Master Darnala?

You couldn't even just play the 12 minutes against us, then play your own guild next match.

We may be the result of Master Dar'nala's dwindling population. But the actions of your guild contribute to the CAUSE of people leaving Master Dar'nala. This is why i called out on your idiotic reasoning in the quote above.
I would have que dodged you as well. Why should anyone on the server bend to your will and play you when you want them to with the server in it's current state. If you wanted to play against them you should have spoken to them so they could have made a team that was at its full strength. This game is not entirely about gear, it is also about skill. You should know this. You should also respect the balanced wz and what it means in its current state as you've been involved in them before and you know full well what it's like when someone tries to bomb the wz with no announcement as you've had it done to yourself as well. Yes we continued to play against those teams, that was our choice, as it's there choice to not take the pop. From the sounds of it they didn't know who or what they were queing against.

If you want games, be respectful about it and stop getting on your high horse.

Also, these actions happened after you all have left. Yes you may have came back to try and get some games going, but even if you had got them you still would have been back on the bastion tonight. Don't give me that crap.

"TL;DR: Yes, we que dodged you sorry. With players who'd never done pvp before,we were trying to give everyone a taste of organised pvp. We were not competitive at all for any moderately decent team. Message me if you want me to get our top team organised."

I don't speak for Nightmare Council. But I'm not sorry, suck it up and stop whinging like a bunch of school girls.