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My accusations stem from your accusation that we are the reason for Master D's current state.

Quote: Originally Posted by Chaori View Post

What you guys are doing (jumping ship and rolling alts on other servers like Dalborra and Bastion now) is doing more harm to our server population than you might think. As stated earlier, the overall population since 1.4 has been pretty steady. The reason Master D is in its current state is because you have all already given up on it and bailed to other servers.

SImple Reasoning: You que dodge us, because you only VS your own guild. Why would anyone else outside your guild bother queing for ranked PVP on Master Darnala?

You couldn't even just play the 12 minutes against us, then play your own guild next match.

We may be the result of Master Dar'nala's dwindling population. But the actions of your guild contribute to the CAUSE of people leaving Master Dar'nala. This is why i called out on your idiotic reasoning in the quote above.
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