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So you wish they didn't do anything in 1.4 so you could complain about leaving you guys alone?

They did throw you guys a bone in 1.4! It doesn't seem like it is enough, but I'd rather them take the iterative approach of small balance changes, rather than swing the pendulum of which classes are OP from patch to patch.

Hopefully, BW gives you guys *small* buffs in 1.6.
They showed us a bone with the interrupt (a bone we should have had since launch) and then beat us over the head with it. You're crazy if you think the nerfs to sweltering heat and the knockback on stockstrike (not to mention the nerf to cryo grenade) did anything but hurt an already dysfunctional class in PVP.

Like I said, them doing nothing would have shown us being ignored. What they did showed they have a fundamental lack of understanding of the basic class and how it works in a PVP environment.
In update 2.9 the game will simply uninstall itself for you.