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The funny thing is, a lot of us came back last night to hopefully get some ranked games going and get some PVP happening on Master Dar'nala. But Nightmare Council que dodged us and left us all trapped in a deserted Voidstar for 8 minutes. When i offered everyone the choice to que for ranked again they said "whats the point? they are just gonna que dodge us again". So we all went back to Bastion.

Your que dodging of anyone other then your predetermined opponents is hurting the server far more then us.

Before you blabber on about us having an OP team, 4 of us were in recruit/battlemaster, and we were prepared to make gear changes if things were too uncompetitive in that Voidstar. I FINALLY managed to scrape together enough to make a republic pug team just to have some fun again on Master Dar'nala, and you que dodge it and force them to return to Bastion. We won't be queing again on Master Dar'nala, we PVP on Bastion where people actually play the game.
I'll address this issue below:

Nightmare Council remains committed to getting a viable ranked warzone team going, and we will hapily face anyone who wants to take us on. Unfortunately, we've recently lost two key players from what would have been our core team and had a few timezone problems, which have made it hard to get going (We only had 2 of our remaining core team on last night).

Since we do Nightmare Pilgrim on Mondays, we generally have quite a few people online (30+), so after beating that and the other world bosses, we decided to have a bit of fun and face each other in ranked warzones. Since the pub balanced ranked warzones went well, we decided to do it ourselves with whoever was keen. Given the state of the server, we thought late Monday night would be free of other teams queing, so we wouldn't be interfering with them.

My primary goal for these warzones was for everyone to have fun, and give some of our guys a taste of organised pvp. Because it was balanced and for guildies only, we ended up with a lot of people who'd never pvped before wanting to take part (friendly environment, no need to worry about getting 3 shot by midian, balanced teams, my voice ). These guys were obviously not that great, but with support from the more experienced guildies, they improved very quickly, and hopefully as a result with continue to pvp, benefiting the server as a whole. So since we had players with no pvp experience and no pvp gear (some had only pve'd before, so just took the cash), the team that ended up with you guys quite simply did not stand a chance (imagine a 5 alphababes in recruit gear). So yes, I told them to que dodge you as I did not want them to get annihilated and stop participating and I apologiIse for you guy being stuck in an empty match.

That said, I personally feel you guys overreacted on the matter, logging into your imp toons and proceeding to call Nightmare Council the worst guild on the server (since we're half the server now Master D's in trouble ). Naturally, our guys then responded and any productive discussion ended. I offered to get our better players into one team and take you guys on, but the offer was lost in the chat logs.

If you guys want to take us on, message me in game or on the forums (Vacarius for forums and Seikier in game) and I'm happy to organise a time for us to play each other (with our better players actually online).

TL;DR: Yes, we que dodged you sorry. With players who'd never done pvp before,we were trying to give everyone a taste of organised pvp. We were not competitive at all for any moderately decent team. Message me if you want me to get our top team organised.
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