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Que dodging is when the entire team leaves the WZ before it starts, leaving the other team stranded with nothing to do but sit there watching the timer. Your guild done this to us last night.

Why should we play on Master Dar'nala when you quit the game before it starts and we are left sitting there waiting for the timer to run out?

Your excuses are pathetic, as will be your guild's skill in PVP if your que dodge all your opposition.

We are now completely focused on The Bastion now, where opponents fight each other in Warzones, not on loading screens...
I understand what queue dodging is, I was questioning the statement not the word.

The one and only reason they left the WZ queue is cause we had 8 other people sitting in queue waiting for it to pop with the first group. The reason we did in-house matches is to get more experience and developed strategies. It really isn't an excuse mate, you should stop making accusations against my guild.