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The funny thing is, a lot of us came back last night to hopefully get some ranked games going and get some PVP happening on Master Dar'nala. But Nightmare Council que dodged us and left us all trapped in a deserted Voidstar for 8 minutes. When i offered everyone the choice to que for ranked again they said "whats the point? they are just gonna que dodge us again". So we all went back to Bastion.

Your que dodging of anyone other then your predetermined opponents is hurting the server far more then us.

Before you blabber on about us having an OP team, 4 of us were in recruit/battlemaster, and we were prepared to make gear changes if things were too uncompetitive in that Voidstar. I FINALLY managed to scrape together enough to make a republic pug team just to have some fun again on Master Dar'nala, and you que dodge it and force them to return to Bastion. We won't be queing again on Master Dar'nala, we PVP on Bastion where people actually play the game.
Queue dodging? Last night was our first ever guild in-house RWZ night. We have had absolutely no influence on the current state of server population. Normally we don't even run RWZ - so don't hold us accountable for you guys going back to The Bastion. What complete crap.

Quote: Originally Posted by Weeeeee View Post
Before you blabber on about us having an OP team
Nobody ever mentioned you had an OP team so deflate that ego of yours, we are not afraid of vsing a more skilled/dedicated PvP team.