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What you guys are doing (jumping ship and rolling alts on other servers like Dalborra and Bastion now) is doing more harm to our server population than you might think. As stated earlier, the overall population since 1.4 has been pretty steady. The reason Master D is in its current state is because you have all already given up on it and bailed to other servers.
It is unfair to blame players leaving this server at this point in time if they no longer find it fun. Anyone leaving at this point is just a symtom of a problem that they had no control over during the past few months. They pay their money, and if they don't enjoy low populations and pvp ques in excess of 30 mins, then they have a right to leave.

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I have seen multiple people on Fleet that have re-subbed only to find that the population is now basically empty - imagine how many more of those re-subscribers would have stuck around if so many players hadn't already left for The Bastion and Dalborra.
Again, not their fault, and who's to say that those people re subbing just didn't do it on another server? The bastion has a rocking AU population now.

All the blame on this lies squarly with bioware. They have all the tools and options at their disposal to make the game more enjoyable for everyone, and to do something about populations. No one should be made to suffer through months of boredom in the hopes of f2p "maybe" solving issues. There are quick and direct steps bioware could have done weeks if not months ago, but did not.