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10.29.2012 , 10:53 PM | #18
I have no intentions of moving from Master D if paid transfers become available and no form of server merge or cross-server queue has happened. Frankly I don't want to pay to transfer 10 toons to a playable server, I'd rather go down with the sinking ship so to speak, in hopes that BioWare will do something to fix the APAC populations. If I want to play an MMO with >250ms I'll go play Pandas.

What you guys are doing (jumping ship and rolling alts on other servers like Dalborra and Bastion now) is doing more harm to our server population than you might think. As stated earlier, the overall population since 1.4 has been pretty steady. The reason Master D is in its current state is because you have all already given up on it and bailed to other servers.

I have seen multiple people on Fleet that have re-subbed only to find that the population is now basically empty - imagine how many more of those re-subscribers would have stuck around if so many players hadn't already left for The Bastion and Dalborra.

Free to Play is just around the corner, and if Master D is already empty when it hits it won't bring in any new players - who would want to roll on an empty server right? If you really want to save this server then stay on it.